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Alleged Murder/Manslaughter, Terrorism, Arson and Weapons Offences

In 2008, the law governing dangerous offender proceedings changed so that now anyone who offends for a third time in a serious personal injury offence faces the possibility of an indeterminate sentence. It's Canada's very own version of the "three strikes and you're out" system that the United States has regarded as unconstitutional. Every individual facing dangerous offender proceedings has the right to representation by the lawyer of his or her choice. Dr. Gary Botting is committed to defending those who face dangerous offender proceedings to ensuring that the accused person's legal rights are protected right from the beginning, including applications under Section 752.1 of the code right through to parole hearings at the other end of the process.

Located in Greater Vancouver, BC, the firm of G.N.A. Botting, Barrister, represents dangerous offenders who have been charged with major crimes, including murder, manslaughter, terrorism, arson, sexual assault and weapons offences. As a Vancouver criminal defence lawyer, Dr. Gary Botting dedicates his law practice to protecting the rights of those facing criminal charges, both in Canada and abroad.

Vancouver, BC, Major Crimes Lawyer

Murder, manslaughter, terrorism, arson, sexual assault and weapons-related charges require particular attention from a skilled lawyer because of the potential long sentences, including in the case of dangerous offenders indeterminate sentences, that an accused individual may be facing. Since the revision of the dangerous offender provisions of the Criminal Code in 2008, many offenders face indeterminate or long-term sentences for offences that garner sentences of 10 years or more. Several offences such as murder and kidnapping provide for a maximum punishment of life in prison. In order to prepare a strong defence for such charges, a lawyer must fully understand the legal issues involved. Violations to your Charter rights must also be considered, including:

  • the right to life, liberty and security of the person
  • the right to be treated in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice
  • the right to be secure against unreasonable search and seizure
  • the right not to be arbitrarily detained or imprisoned
  • the right to be told promptly of the specific alleged offence
  • the right to trial within a reasonable time
  • the right not to be forced to be a witness against oneself
  • the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty
  • the right to bail
  • the right to trial by jury
  • the right not to be found guilty for an act or omission that is not against the law
  • the right against double jeopardy
  • the right to benefit from the lesser punishment if a sentence is changed by law
  • the right not to be subjected to cruel and unusual treatment or punishment
  • the right of a witness not to have his testimony used against him
  • the right to an interpreter
  • the right to legal representation

And most importantly of all:

  • the right to silence

Commitment, Reassurance and Security — An Extradition Lawyer Providing Knowledgeable Advice

Experience in extradition necessitates experience in criminal defence generally, from arrest to appeal. Gary Botting is the lawyer to contact for all your major criminal defence needs. He will provide answers to your questions and work with you through every step of the legal process. He will provide assertive representation and stand up for your rights. He will work to achieve the best possible result in the most efficient and effective manner.

Vancouver Murder and Manslaughter Defence Lawyer

Choosing the appropriate lawyer to handle a murder trial is possibly the most important decision to be made by an accused. Dr. Gary Botting has represented the accused in many murder trials. He is known throughout Canada as an expert in extradition and wrongful conviction. He is also known for his experience in the courtroom, his trustworthiness and his track record for providing an assertive defence.

Contact a 'Terrorism' Defence Lawyer

Please contact the British Columbia firm of G.N.A. Botting, Barrister at the number above. Gary Botting offers free initial consultations. Legal aid-approved clients are welcome for alleged murder, manslaughter, terrorism, arson and weapons offences, or alleged attempts. Jail or off-site appointments can be booked upon request.