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More than 50% of Gary Botting's practice is in appellate law. In 2017, he took a landmark case of R. vs. Boutilier to the Supreme Court of Canada, to challenge the constitutionality of dangerous offender law. He has also taken dozens of extradition cases to appeal and judicial review in the British Columbia Court of Appeal.

Crown stays charges against Botting's client after new trial ordered

The Crown has stayed the charges against criminal appellate lawyer Gary Botting's client after a British Columbia court quashed a sexual assault conviction and ordered a…Read more

Botting pens open letter on remedying wrongful convictions

British Columbia criminal lawyer Gary Botting has written an open letter to David Milgaard to support changes to the way wrongful conviction claims are reviewed. Botting, the…Read more

Court strikes intermediate sentence for Botting's client

British Columbia criminal lawyer Gary Botting fought successfully to strike the indeterminate sentence placed on his client following a recent B.C. Court of Appeal ruling…Read more


From his office in Greater Vancouver, BC, Gary Botting, barrister, serves clients throughout British Columbia in criminal defence and criminal appeals. His firm is committed to providing excellent representation for all clients, including strong advocacy and knowledgeable legal advice. Dr. Botting has more than 25 years of experience as a Vancouver lawyer and is the author of 30 books, many of them on the law.

Appeals to the British Columbia Court of Appeal

Experienced Vancouver criminal defence appeal lawyer Dr. Gary Botting handles a wide range of appeals to the British Columbia Court of Appeal, including:

  • Conviction appeals
  • Sentence appeals
  • Bail appeals
  • Appeals of interlocutory orders
Botting to argue key dangerous offender case before B.C. Court of Appeal

British Columbia lawyer and legal scholar Dr. Gary Botting will appear before that province's Court of Appeal next month to affirm that the Criminal Code…Read more


Appeals require technical precision and an in-depth understanding of not just the law but criminal procedure. He is also familiar with the rigid deadlines involved in filing an appeal. As an experienced Vancouver criminal appeal lawyer, he continuously stays updated with recent criminal case developments so that he can prepare the strongest arguments for clients' appeal.

Appeals to the Supreme Court of Canada

Botting to seek leave to appeal dangerous offender status at SCC

The British Columbia Court of Appeal has overturned the B.C. Supreme Court’s declaration in R. v. Boutilier that the dangerous offender provisions of the…Read more

SCC grants leave in dangerous offender case

The Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) has granted British Columbia criminal lawyers Gary Botting and Eric Purtzki leave to appeal the decision in R. v. Boutilier to determine…Read more

Botting seeks leave to appeal extradition case to the SCC

British Columbia extradition lawyer Dr. Gary Botting is seeking leave to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) an extradition case in which he alleges abuse of process by…Read more

Botting appeals pot extradition surrender to SCC

British Columbia extradition lawyer Dr. Gary Botting has applied to the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) for leave to appeal the extradition to the United States of his client on…Read more

SCC asked review dangerous offender ruling: Botting

British Columbia criminal lawyer Dr. Gary Botting has been approved by Nova Scotia Legal Aid to represent at the Supreme Court of Canada a Halifax man who was recently…Read more