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Submissions to the Minister

After your extradition hearing, you have a limited period of time to make a written submission to Canada's Minister of Justice. The Minister will then make a determination regarding whether you should be extradited. It is vital that an experienced lawyer prepare your submission to the Minister — a lawyer who knows how to create a compelling argument in your defence.

A published author with 40 books to his credit, Gary Botting is known across Canada for his knowledge and expertise in extradition and criminal defence law. He is a recognized advocate of those facing extradition to any country, including American, Chinese, Indian, Punjabi and Middle Eastern individuals in the Vancouver area. His book, Extradition Between Canada and the United States, has been cited by the Supreme Court of Canada, and since it was first published in 2005, Canadian Extradition Law Practice has been the only extant textbook on extradition law in Canada.

Dr. Gary Botting, barrister and solicitor, represents clients in extradition matters throughout British Columbia. With more than 25 years of legal experience, he and his firm are committed to providing clients with the assertive defence they deserve when faced with a legal challenge.

Submissions to the Minister of Justice

In the multistep process of extradition, written submissions to Canada's Minister of Justice must be prepared and submitted within 30 days of a Supreme Court of British Columbia judge deciding to commit the person for extradition. Then, the Minister has 90 days to respond but may extend this period by an additional 60 days. If you were on bail, you will also need to reapply for bail or extension of bail, this time to the British Columbia Court of Appeal.

The submissions to the Minister consist of written argument supported by documentation such as letters of support from the community, evidence of ulterior motives on the part of the requesting government or evidence of personal hardship that would be encountered in the event of extradition.

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Why do you need a lawyer for a submission?

The extradition process is lengthy and complex, requiring the attention of an experienced extradition lawyer in British Columbia. Crafting submissions to the Minister of Justice is more art than science.

Gary Botting, an experienced extradition lawyer, knows how to craft persuasive submissions. Since the Minister's decision is ultimately political, this stage of the extradition process may also entail effective use of the media and public relations. Gary Botting's background in journalism is a major asset when dealing with the media.

Before he became a lawyer, Gary Botting was a journalist and columnist in both Canada and Southeast Asia (for the South China Morning Post), and became highly skilled at writing persuasively and with purpose. He is familiar with every step of the extradition process and is dedicated to protecting his clients' rights. He always seeks to find the most effective yet economical way to protect their interests.