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Making Bail or Becoming a Surety

Finding a Vancouver lawyer for help making bail may seem like an overwhelming task, especially the first time an individual has been incarcerated for an alleged crime. The decision of whom to hire is a weighty one that can make a significant difference in the outcome of the case. Dr. Gary Botting provides the assertive defence that every individual deserves.

Gary Botting is committed to protecting the rights of those facing criminal charges. His criminal defence practice includes defence in the areas of alleged murder, manslaughter, terrorism, arson, weapons offences, white collar crimes, conspiracy, and many other alleged criminal infractions.

Choosing the right lawyer at the right time to handle criminal matters is a key component of achieving a favourable outcome. As a Vancouver, BC, lawyer who is entirely dedicated to handling criminal matters and civil liberties issues, as well as extradition, Gary Botting knows the legal processes involved in defending a criminal offence. He can handle your case from start to finish and will do his best to achieve a favourable result in an efficient yet effective manner.

Dr. Botting frequently works with the families of clients to help to explain what is entailed in becoming a surety by putting up cash or assets, usually equity in real property secured by a lien. He takes time to secure the proper documentation to oppose a show cause application or to support a bail application, explaining the implications and possible outcomes — and the pitfalls of trying to secure bail without doing the proper homework first. He will make certain that your legal needs are met by providing knowledgeable guidance and information necessary to make the best decision as to how to proceed.