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Parole Board Hearings & Prisoner Rights

The law firm of G.N.A. Botting, Barrister, represents clients throughout Greater Vancouver and British Columbia in criminal defence matters, including criminal appeals and wrongful conviction.

As a Vancouver prisoner rights lawyer, Dr. Gary Botting has more than 25 years of legal experience standing up for the rights of those who have been charged with alleged criminal offences. Known widely in the legal community for his knowledge of the law and strong level of advocacy for clients, he believes that every individual is entitled to a thorough defence. Furthermore, every person has protected rights and freedoms, and he sees it as his job to see that these constitutional rights are upheld

Parole Board Hearing Representation

While the presence of a lawyer may not be required at a parole board hearing, it can increase the chances that the individual is awarded parole. Gary Botting is able to provide persuasive arguments and advocacy for his clients, while making certain that the hearing is held in a proper manner. His knowledge of prisoners' rights can help make an impact on your parole hearing.

Prisoners' Rights Lawyer

Whether at a federal penitentiary or provincial correctional centre, an incarcerated individual is accorded certain rights that may not be asserted without the intervention of a lawyer. As a knowledgeable Vancouver prisoners' rights lawyer, Gary Botting will make certain that your rights are upheld, including:

  • Right to a fair trial for alleged institutional infractions
  • Right to have visits
  • Right to have an education

Gary Botting makes visits to North Fraser Pretrial Centre, Fraser Regional Correctional Centre, Surrey Pretrial Centre, Matsqui Institution, Ferndale Institution, Kent Institution, Mission Institution, Mountain Institution, Pacific Institution, William Head Institution, and the Fraser Valley Institution for Women.