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Criminal Defense

New book explores Canada’s dangerous offender designation

Following the amendment of the dangerous and long-term offender provisions of Part XXIV of the Criminal Code 14 years ago – whic…Read more

Judge acquits Botting's client of sex attack charges

British Columbia criminal lawyer Gary Botting ’s client was acquitted of charges laid in connection with a sexual attack on thre…Read more

Botting's client receives minimum sentence for murder

A British Columbia teen originally charged with first-degree murder in the death of his mother — and facing life imprisonment wi…Read more

Legal aid, staffing issues suggest need for court system review

It is time for a realistic review of the court system in British Columbia, as low sheriffs’ salaries are just the “tip of the …Read more

Proposed law to limit segregation would help countless inmates

The federal government’s plan to introduce legislation limiting how long prison inmates can remain in solitary confinement is we…Read more

Judge orders stay of proceedings post-conviction

Following long trial delays, a Vancouver judge has taken the unusual step of ordering a judicial stay for a man who was convicted …Read more

Attempted murder charges stayed against Botting's client

The B.C. Supreme Court has stayed charges of attempted murder, aggravated assault and robbery against a client of British Columbia…Read more


Canada’s extradition laws under attack for many reasons in 2021

B.C. criminal lawyer Gary Botting focused almost exclusively on extradition matters throughout 2021, particularly the efforts of H…Read more

Canada’s extradition procedures in desperate need of an overhaul

“Canada’s laws on extradition are in need of reform.” That is the understatement of the year emanating from the Halifax Coll…Read more

Overhaul of Canada's extradition procedures is long overdue

That is the understatement of the year emanating from the Halifax Colloquium of Extradition Law Reform last month. The report, aut…Read more

Nygard’s ‘consent committal’ signals a whole new round of extradition

CTV National News and even the New York Times got it wrong: Peter Nygard did not consent to extradition when he appeared in court …Read more

Oberlander’s convoluted deportation process beaten by the clock

When he first arrived in Canada in 1954, Helmut Oberlander undoubtedly presented to immigration officials as a respectable young U…Read more

15 million urge Canada to do the ‘right thing’ and release Meng

More than 15 million people around the world had signed a Global Times petition to free Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou by the time …Read more

Political courage could end Meng’s ‘stairway to extradition’

The stairway to extradition in the case of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou has been unnecessarily long and convoluted because the fo…Read more

It is time to suspend Canada’s extradition treaty with France

Canada should suspend extraditions to France under their bilateral extradition treaty in light of abuses of process and misreprese…Read more

Hassan Diab deserves better from the justice minister

He’s doing it again! In the Hassan Diab extradition case, as in the ongoing Meng Wanzhou proceedings, Minister of Justice David …Read more

Meng’s ankle bracelet represents a modern-day ‘Scarlet Letter’

Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou appeared in court this week to try to vary her bail conditions. In my opinion, they should be varied…Read more

Is the United States setting a trap for Huawei’s Meng Wanzhou?

In appearing to entertain a proposal for her to return to China in exchange for an admission of wrongdoing, the United States coul…Read more

Canada must stop the schoolyard bullying and release Meng

A Reuters story recently reported links in Brazil between Huawei and Skycom that the news agency suggests could support the U.S. c…Read more

Meng Wanzhou’s release should not be tied to the ‘Two Michaels’

Much has been made of the open letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau from the “Notable 19” suggesting what amounts to a pris…Read more

Extradition order reversed, Botting’s client discharged

Canada’s justice minister has overturned an extradition order against a woman accused of abducting her children after British Co…Read more

Fight extradition orders until all appeals exhausted: Botting

It’s always wise to fight an extradition order because you never know what legal hornet’s nest you may be flying into in a for…Read more

Meng extradition political poppycock: Botting

The attempted extradition of Chinese corporate executive Meng Wanzhou by the United States is entirely political. …Read more

SNC-Lavalin, Meng cases take unnecessary course — off the tracks

By Dr. Gary Botting for . The SNC-Lavalin controversy arose from a simple but fundamental misunderstanding on t…Read more

Meng's 'rights were violated' by border services: Botting

VANCOUVER — The defence team for Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou has filed a notice of civil claim alleging "serious violations'' …Read more

Justice minister has statutory discretion to drop extradition proceedings

By Dr. Gary Botting for AdvocateDai...…Read more

Political interference could 'trump' extradition attempt

Counsel for embattled Chinese tech executive Meng Wanzhou will rely heavily on constitutional and treaty arguments in a fight agai…Read more

Botting heaps scorn on U.S. over latest Meng extradition manoeuvre

The U.S. Department of Justice is foolhardy to persist in asking Canada to extradite detained Chinese executive Meng Wanzhou, says…Read more

Trump's willingness to intervene in Meng detention roils Canada's justification

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has reaffirmed Canada's commitment to the rule of law following Donald Trump's declaratio…Read more

Cruelty of extradition exposed by telemarketer's case: Botting

The case of a Canadian telemarketer jailed in California exposes the "cruel misuse of family ties" in the extradition process of h…Read more

Canada's attitude toward extradition needs to change: Botting

Canada needs to revamp its attitude toward extradition following a series of recent controversies, British Columbia criminal lawye…Read more

Fighting extradition an uphill battle: Botting

Canada’s Extradition Act is so stacked in favour of prosecutors in the requesting country that an accused person has little hope…Read more

May joins call for commission of inquiry into professor's extradition

By Gary Botting . Federal Green Party leader Elizabeth May has hopped on board a proposal for a commission of inquiry into the ex…Read more

Public inquiry needed into professor’s extradition: Botting

OTTAWA — Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould has asked for an independent review of an extradition that resulted in an Ottawa …Read more

All too easy to extradite people from Canada: Botting

British Columbia criminal and extradition lawyer Gary Botting applauds Ottawa's decision to review the Extradition Act and calls f…Read more

Botting calls for moratorium on extradition until Act is revised

In the wake of the Hassan Diab case, there should be a moratorium on all extraditions from Canada until the Extradition Act is rev…Read more

Canada lags behind in protecting its citizens, Botting tells Oxford

Canada lags far behind other free and democratic countries in protecting its citizens from extradition, British Columbia criminal …Read more

Botting appeals pot extradition surrender to SCC

British Columbia extradition lawyer Dr. Gary Botting has applied to the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) for leave to appeal the extr…Read more

Botting seeks leave to appeal extradition case to the SCC

British Columbia extradition lawyer Dr. Gary Botting is seeking leave to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) an extraditio…Read more

Botting proposes changes to international extradition treaties

British Columbia extradition lawyer Dr. Gary Botting has proposed to an international think tank at the University of Oxford that …Read more

Botting invited to international extradition forum in England

British Columbia lawyer and legal scholar Dr. Gary Botting has been invited to participate in an international forum on extraditio…Read more

Dangerous Offender Law

Calgary Stampede not the only dangerous game in Alberta

Alberta’s rodeo cowboys love living dangerously. Their fans turn out in droves to watch them conquer the beasts bred to buck, ga…Read more

Foreign nationals unfairly treated by Parole Board of Canada

Foreign nationals convicted of serious offences are receiving unfair treatment by the Parole Board of Canada, British Columbia cri…Read more

Parole denial violates man's Charter rights: Botting

An Iranian immigrant denied parole may be the victim of a racist system, British Columbia criminal lawyer Gary Botting tells Advoc…Read more

Writing the book on Canada’s flawed dangerous offender laws

Canada’s dangerous offender laws will be scrutinized in a forthcoming textbook co-authored by British Columbia criminal lawyer D…Read more

SCC ruling on dangerous offenders to have massive impact

A recent Supreme Court of Canada decision will have widespread ramifications for dangerous offender cases, requiring judges to imp…Read more

SCC asked review dangerous offender ruling: Botting

British Columbia criminal lawyer Dr. Gary Botting has been approved by Nova Scotia Legal Aid to represent at the Supreme Court of …Read more

Botting successfully appeals man's 'dangerous offender' designation

The British Columbia Court of Appeal has overturned a dangerous offender designation for the first person to receive the classific…Read more

SCC grants leave in dangerous offender case

The Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) has granted British Columbia criminal lawyers Gary Botting and Eric Purtzki leave to appeal the …Read more

Botting to seek leave to appeal dangerous offender status at SCC

The British Columbia Court of Appeal has overturned the B.C. Supreme Court’s declaration in R. v. Boutilier that the dangerous o…Read more

Dangerous offender label inappropriate for 'protracted domestic dispute'

British Columbia lawyer and legal scholar Dr. Gary Botting says the Crown’s application to have a man designated a dangerous off…Read more

Botting to argue key dangerous offender case before B.C. Court of Appeal

British Columbia lawyer and legal scholar Dr. Gary Botting will appear before that province's Court of Appeal next month to affirm…Read more


Court strikes indeterminate sentence for Botting's client

British Columbia criminal lawyer Gary Botting fought successfully to strike the indeterminate sentence placed on his client follow…Read more

Botting pens open letter on remedying wrongful convictions

British Columbia criminal lawyer Gary Botting has written an open letter to David Milgaard to support changes to the way wrongful …Read more

Crown stays charges against Botting's client after new trial ordered

The Crown has stayed the charges against criminal appellate lawyer Gary Botting 's client after a British Columbia court quashed a…Read more

Gary Himself

Wisdom through experience helps to better serve clients

Nearing his 76th birthday in a profession that acknowledges the value of age and experience, British Columbia criminal lawyer Dr. …Read more

Case highlights limitations of Canada's extradition law

A case involving two teens who are pleading to stop their mother’s extradition to England for allegedly abducting them underscor…Read more

Justice funding boost positive, but more needed for legal aid

While an increase in funding for the justice sector in the recent British Columbia budget is good news, Vancouver criminal and app…Read more

New rules for B.C. gaming sector make 'common sense'

British Columbia criminal lawyer Dr. Gary Botting tells The Lawyer’s Daily that new rules introduced in that province to counter…Read more

Academic credentials can help build successful law practice

In the long run, education can prove to be more important than experience for lawyers, as it may make all the difference in terms …Read more

B.C. lawyer Dr. Gary Botting builds reputation as a novelist

Well-known British Columbia extradition and dangerous offender lawyer Dr. Gary Botting is also gaining a reputation as a novelist.…Read more

Legal scholar, extradition expert Gary Botting recognized by Trent U

One of Canada’s foremost authorities on extradition has been awarded the 2015 Distinguished Alumni Award by his alma mater, Tren…Read more


Acquittal in death justified when the Crown violates the Charter

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) recently published an alarming headline: “B.C. murder cases in jeopardy as accused k…Read more

Extradition a ‘stacked deck’ resulting in anguish, even suicide

As the extradition hearing against Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou drags on, B.C. criminal lawyer Gary Botting knows all too well wh…Read more

Wrongful convictions, right to silence explored by new law journal

“Wrongful convictions occur in every country in the world. Canada, despite its claim to be a just society, is no exception” - …Read more

B.C. appeal court the first to give my client a second chance

The B.C. Court of Appeal recently overturned the dangerous offender designation of Jatin (Jay) Patel and ordered a new hearing. Th…Read more

Deal or no deal, Canada should let Meng Wanzhou go

Reports that the U.S. Justice Department has reached out to Meng Wanzhou’s lawyers about a deal to allow the Chinese telecom exe…Read more

When rape is alleged, our courts should not rush to judgment

The British Columbia Court of Appeal recently ordered a new trial for one of my appellant clients convicted of sexual assault, in …Read more

Feds urged to read their history books and call off Meng extradition

The Canadian government should revisit a 160-year-old court decision and reflect on whether it is in Canada’s interest to procee…Read more

‘Experts’ hold the power at dangerous offender hearings

Lawyers representing dangerous offender defendants face a difficult decision about whether to advise their clients to talk to the …Read more

COVID-19 wreaks havoc across the British Columbia court system

The last decision to be handed down by the British Columbia Court of Appeal before it suspended operations on March 18 due to the …Read more

New Huawei charges should not impact CFO’s extradition case

Fresh indictments against Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei should not be a factor in deciding if the company’s top financ…Read more

Travelling now a potential ticket to trouble: Botting

Travelling anywhere in the world has become more dangerous in recent years, as high-profile arrests in Cuba and Canada show, says …Read more

It’s conviviality outside courtroom – all business inside

Lawyers should maintain good relations with colleagues but not at the expense of strong courtroom advocacy, says British Columbia …Read more

Botting honours memory of the late Chief Justice Allan McEachern

By Gary Botting . On a pedestal in the foyer of the Vancouver Law Courts at 800 Smithe St. , confronting the statue of blind just…Read more

Englit prof to lawyer: a trip to Wonderland

By Gary Botting . Having worked as a professor of English literature and drama for 20 years before attending law school, I naivel…Read more