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Wrongful Conviction

Wrongful conviction of crimes as serious as murder or manslaughter is all too frequent in Canada. Taking forward a wrongful conviction review under Section 696.1 of the Criminal Code requires coordination by a highly experienced and trained lawyer. Choosing an experienced lawyer who is knowledgeable of the law may make all the difference to protecting your rights and recovering your legitimate freedom. With Dr. Gary Botting on your side, you will receive the assertive review that your case deserves. As an experienced Vancouver wrongful conviction lawyer, Dr. Botting represents individuals at every stage of wrongful conviction review. He serves clients in Vancouver and throughout British Columbia, and is an expert on wrongful conviction across Canada. He is the author of Wrongful Conviction in Canadian Law (LexisNexis, 2010).

Working With an Experienced Wrongful Conviction Lawyer Is in Your Best Interests

Recently there have been several changes to the law and to policy across the country arising from the main wrongful conviction cases. As a result, reviewing wrongful conviction claims now presents more challenges from a lawyer's perspective. Choosing a lawyer who understands the convoluted steps involved in this type of case, as well as the tactics needed to present fresh evidence in the most effective manner, will undoubtedly serve as a benefit in your case.

Wrongful Conviction in Canadian Law (LexisNexis 2010) reviews and cross-references every wrongful conviction inquiry ever held in Canada. As an expert in the area of wrongful conviction, Dr. Botting fully understands what challenges his clients face.

Gary is available at your convenience to make prison visits. Wrongful conviction clients whose applications for a Section 696.1 review on the basis of miscarriage of justice are approved by legal aid will be accepted.